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Tree Cabling

Tree Cabling

Many trees suffer from structural challenges which threaten the long-term viability of the tree. Frequently this is the result of multiple trunks which create an imbalance as well as weaknesses where the trunks or limbs union. On occasion a large limb will grow at an angle that either represents a threat to the limb or to property. In all these instances a cabling system can be employed to further stabilize the tree and protect property. Done improperly, cabling can cause more damage than good. The TreeHugger Complete Tree Care crew can survey the situation and recommend the appropriate cable system to safeguard your investments.

Storm Clean-Up

Midwest weather can plan havoc with trees. High winds, tornadoes and ice storms can result in serious damage to trees and structures, as well as making a mess of the yard. From minimizing the damage done to the trees, to removing branches and limbs from structures or the surroundings, Tree Hugger will work quickly to restore whatever normalcy is possible to your world.

Site/Lot Clearing

Whether clearing wooded land to place it into agricultural production, for the purpose of homesteading, or homestead expansion or simply to reclaim land that has filled with invasive species; Tree Hugger has the equipment and the crew to complete the task, again employing the comprehensive process of planning, execution, and clean-up.

Stump Grinding

Tree removal, planned or otherwise results in a stump. Several options exist for its removal and the professionals at Tree Hugger are ready to explain your options and proceed as you wish.