Tree Pruning

Periodic tree trimming or pruning is essential for the health and well-being of trees. At TreeHugger, we take arboricultural practices seriously and focus on both the aesthetic and health aspects of tree pruning. Our experienced arborists have a keen eye for the visual impact of pruning while also considering the potential impacts of storm damage to structures. We understand that proper tree pruning is preventive care for the tree, and is a valuable investment for homeowners. Improper pruning, on the other hand, can cause stress to both the tree and the homeowner. Trust our experts to deliver quality tree trimming services that benefit both you and your trees.

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Benefits of Tree Pruning

  • Removing dead and dying branches to improve the appearance of the tree and remove potential hazards.
  • Encouraging new growth to help the tree thrive.
  • Eliminating dead-weight that weakens the tree and promoting overall tree health.
  • Preventing trees from affecting power lines or homes by strategically pruning branches away from these areas.
  • Creating a natural look to enhance the tree's aesthetic appeal.
  • Discouraging pests, fungus, and tree diseases from spreading to other trees and plants.

Don’t Wait For An Accident To Happen

Too often, people don’t think about having their trees pruned until an accident has already happened. It’s important to inspect your trees and the surrounding area and contemplate any potential damage your trees could cause. Instead of being caught off guard, schedule tree trimming by a professional to keep them healthy and your property safe. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate!