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Our material is locally sourced from residential tree removals in the Ankeny, Des Moines Metro, and surrounding communities. We take every measure to resource our tree material by repurposing chips, cutting firewood, milling slabs and dimensional lumber and custom iDry Vacuum Kiln services. We believe it is environmentally responsible and an important TreeHugger crew core value that makes our company unique.

Wood slab material is available for homeowners and local artisans once the raw material has been processed. Each slab air dries to under 30% and is then kiln-dried in our iDRY Vacuum kiln.

Why iDRY?

When trees are felled, the moisture content starts to decrease, which can cause movement in the wood, such as cracking, warping, and shrinking, especially in large or thick slabs. Movement in wood that has not been adequately dried can reduce the quality of your woodworking project.

The iDRY system is very effective at heating the wood without damaging or darkening it due to the low-pressure (vacuum) environment; the low oxygen environment contributes to the bright colors that result from the vacuum drying process.

As water is removed from the wood by both the forces of heating and vacuum, the water either remains on the surface of the wood to humidify and condition the surface against over-drying or evaporates as steam, which occurs during the drying phases of the schedule. A schedule of drying and conditioning the wood is used to relieve internal and external stress in the wood throughout the process.

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Jared Warne

8 Years of Service in Arboriculture
Climbing Arborist/Aerial Lift Arborist

Jared is technical, talented, steady, and brave and has proven to be a key component of our crew, and we look forward to watching him grow as an arborist. He is teachable, desires to learn, and has a bright future in this profession.

Brandon Haynes

2 Years of Service in Arboriculture
Ground Crew Operator

Brandon is solid, trustworthy, and dependable; he is crucial to keeping our crew on track to finish each job well. There is nothing this guy can’t or won’t do, which makes him highly valuable to us, and we appreciate all he does. How we do the little things is how we do everything, and Brandon has a keen eye for detail.

Dawna Deakins

7 Years of Service In Arboriculture
CTSP/Director Of Operations

Dawna is our customer relations, safety officer, and daily operations. She keeps our crew and customers connected and leads us to continually pursue growing into the elite group of professional tree care companies available to homeowners in the Metro. We appreciate the many hats she wears and sometimes a helmet.

Sean Deakins

7 Years of Service in Arboriculture
NCCER Certified Crane Operator
ISA TRAC Qualified

Sean is a TreeHugger founder and our millennial visionary. Our TreeMek crane operator with steady hands and a critical eye for the little things keeping our crew safe and efficient, and we appreciate that about him! Our innovator with workboots on with a perspective to work smarter than harder.

Denny Deakins

26 years of Service in Arboriculture
Sales Arborist

Denny is a TreeHugger founder with old-school techniques and roots that keep us grounded in grit and growth. He is talented and passionate and brings years of experience to lead our crew. We appreciate his leadership and ability to do whatever is necessary while growing in education and skill. He reminds us that you are never too old to learn new things.

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