TreeHugger II Urban Wood Mill

From Removal To Revival—We Can Offer A Full-Circle Life Cycle For Your Tree

Our material is locally sourced from residential tree removals in the Ankeny, Des Moines Metro, and surrounding communities. We take every measure to resource our tree material by repurposing chips,cutting firewood, milling slabs and dimensional lumber and custom iDry Vacuum Kiln services. We believe it is environmentally responsible and an important TreeHugger crew core value that makes our company unique.

Wood slab material is available for homeowners and local artisans once the raw material has been processed. Each slab air dries to under 30% and is then kiln-dried in our IDRY Vacuum kiln.

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Why iDRY?

When trees are felled, the moisture content starts to decrease, which can cause movement in the wood, such as cracking, warping, and shrinking, especially in large or thick slabs. Movement in wood that has not been adequately dried can reduce the quality of your woodworking project.

Our material is dried in our iDRY Plus Vacuum Kiln, producing high-quality products rich in color and controlled moisture content while allowing us to offer a consistent inventory. From slabs to dimensional lumber, all our material is carbon smart, meaning we do not harvest logs. Rather, we repurpose logs into wood products, and we believe that matters.

As water is removed from the wood by both the forces of heating and vacuum, the water either remains on the surface of the wood to humidify and condition the surface against over-drying or evaporates as steam, which occurs during the drying phases of the schedule. A schedule of drying and conditioning the wood is used to relieve internal and external stress in the wood throughout the process.

Our Treehugger Crew Makes A Second Life Possible For Your Tree

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