Our homeowner thought this little one was worth saving, so we did just that.

There was a lot of jicky jockeying around for this little pine tree as we set up for a removal in an already tight backyard in Urbandale, and we agreed it was worth our effort.

We also agree that, a Nifty lift is pretty darn nifty.

All the right tools make the difference between a job done and a job done well.  Attitude, appreciate and respect for our homeowners as well as the urban forest are is priority with our TreeHugger Crew.

This little green machine made the removal of the damaged Mulberry tree quick and easy for everyone. No yard damage is something we take great pride in and is always a topic of conversation with our homeowners before we leave their property.

This backyard was as perfect of a balance of an urban forest as we have seen this summer. There was a great compliment as to what was planted by humans and what was planted by nature, all growing together in harmony just as it should be. This little slice of Iowa will weather many a storm well due to the diversity of the wooded area this homeowner call his backyard.

Time spent amongst trees is never time wasted and there is always something beautiful waiting to be seen, if we take the time to look.