“Every new season of your life will be an opportunity for you to learn and grow. Don’t celebrate the good without celebrating the bad because they both work together to prepare you for the next season of your life.” “You can’t reach your potential by remaining in a past due season.

It is a complicated situation. We are in the midst of a family-owned and operated tree company’s ” changing of the guard” per se and although everyone is on board for this new season, it has everyone on board out of sorts as well. Our well-oiled and efficient tree removal crew is learning the curve of the TreeMec, and she has our heads spinning. 

The Tremec is the bee’s knees in the tree care industry and has long been on our dream list. Dreams with vision become reality and so it is. We have been blessed to be able to be in this moment and we are excited to see this girl make our crew more efficient with removals. 

And so the lessons begin. There are a thousand things to keep watch for and the pressure of performance to run this girl steady and smooth is real for the operator. There are a ton of moving parts, hoses, positioning, levers, up, down, in, out, steady, hold it, cut it, lower it, move over just a little, watch that limb and that limb and that branch. All the while, be brave enough to fail just a little with your new and very expensive tool. And, the ground crew is waiting while the cold of an Iowa winter settles in on them, and while they wait I see them practicing patience, attitude, and teamwork with an encouraging word to ease the pressure on one of their own, as he learns to operate all the levers, positions, load balancing to make this girl a part of their team. 


I wonder if the general assumption is that, once you get a TreeMec the life of your tree company will get easier and better.

The reality is…it just gets different. Tree service will always be a labor of love.