There is a super cute little house in Huxley, that was hiding behind a big Ash tree.

8:30 am. Start time for our TreeHugger crew to take down this Ash tree in a culdesac that was busy with home improvement projects on a Thursday morning. New gutters, garage doors, and siding were all being installed in this little circle and as usual, we are the crew in the area that all everyone likes to watch.

There is something about watching a tree service work that captures people. They pull out lawn chairs to sit and watch alongside their neighbors. There is no age limit, both young and old they are quick to stop and watch the art of a tree safely come to the ground.

She was quite a beauty and we agreed that it was just the wrong tree for the sweet little home that was hiding in her shadow.


This Ash left the job site as firewood and our TreeHugger Crew is always satisfied when we see trees used for a purpose.

  We take great pride in our work to leave your property in excellent condition as if we were never there.

There really was a sweet little house living in the shadow of an Elm tree in a quiet small culdesac in Huxley. And now there is room for something new.