Now is the time to plant trees!

September through November is the ideal time for tree planting because it allows the roots to become established before the ground freezes and winter sets in. However, it is highly recommended that you do not continue planting trees too late into the fall because this can have a negative impact on tree health. Fall planting allows the tree to make new roots without having to feed the leaves and the cooler weather in fall is ideal for root growth. Roots grow best in cool soil.

What kind of tree can I plant in the fall?

Everyone has their favorite tree and our TreeHugger crew is just as passionate about what they choose to plant when the time comes to adding to the curb appeal of our home. Denny is old school and goes with the slow growth girls, his favorite above all has alway been a beautiful Pin Oak tree. This girl will grow steady and slow and be able to endure many a mighty wind that blows thru the changing seasons. Myself, I like a flowering pear with her perfect shape and quick to mature but she will not last as long as a Mighty Oak.

So many choices to pick from and Denny is always happy to give advice on where, when and how to successfully plant your tree. There are many options there as well and many a tree has fallen due to poor planting location, so chose wisely.

Des Moines and Ankeny Iowa nurseries will still have trees and plants available and will likely have seasonal sales to help their inventory be used before the season changes so go and plant a tree this fall!