It’s a common question from people who follow Our TreeHugger Crew.
What do we do in the winter?
We work.
Around 6 am I heard Sean say, ” 20 degrees today, that’s not bad.” and he dug out his winter wear and headed out in the dark to a job in Ankeny, then Des Moines, then Maxwell.
From dusk to dawn on cold days with hot coffee in hand, as long the crew is willing the trees are happy to have them. They will prune, remove, trim and access trees year-round in the Greater Des Moines area, as well as Urbandale, Bondurant, Huxley, and Altoona.
Healthy, damaged, weak or weary they are here to help your tree live to see another spring.

A few TreeHugger Tips for Winter Tree Care
It is easier to evaluate your tree after the leaves have fallen.
Denny will talk with you and discuss any damaged, broken or weak limbs that could potentially do damage to surrounding structures, like your home or the threat to your electric service being disrupted due to a fallen limb or tree.

Winter pruning helps to better manage the spread of disease caused by parasites, fungi, and insects, such as Emerald Ash Boar, Dutch Elm Disease, and Oak wilt.

It’s time to take a look at those beautiful Mighty Oaks because they will not tolerate any work done to them while they are awake, only when they are asleep for the winter. These strong and magnificent girls are not interested in being bothered at any other time of year and that is a deal-breaker for the Mighty Iowa Oak.

The frozen ground makes it nearly impossible to leave any ground damage and you don’t have to worry about your green grass.
Your tree will look fresh in the spring and she will be ready to push all her energy to new buds and healthy growth.

The days are shorter now and the trees are falling asleep, this is their favorite time to get some maintenance because it is much easier on them. They won’t need to expend energy to heal a wound that is caused when we for her greater good, prune away what doesn’t serve her any longer. When she is asleep, she won’t even know it happened.
Our TreeHugger crew works to lighten the load on those long limbs that get heavy with snow and ice so, when that cold Central Iowa wind blows, as it surely will, your tree will stand a better chance of bending and slowly swaying with the wind, as she should, rather than snapping and cracking under the pressure and weight of the weather.

Enjoy the season.