If we had to pick one thing that we most appreciate about Denny without a doubt, it would be his work ethic.

Denny is the founder, owner, and arborist of our TreeHugger Crew and his hands have been on every piece of the puzzle that built this tree service company. He began working on his dream of owning his own tree service in his late 40’s with nothing more than an old green Dodge truck, a few solid chainsaws, years of experience, and the grit and determination, no less than that of a workhorse.

Because necessity is the mother of invention, Denny has figured out how to figure it out. There is no tree removal too big or complicated, nor any obstacle too challenging that can make this arborist turn away from his passion for professional tree care. He is as dependable and determined as you will find, and if you ask us those are two of his best attributes. You can count on the fact that he will find the answer to the issue at hand, which makes him worth his weight in gold.

Every challenge allows us the opportunity to climb higher, and we do just that.

He is famous for saying, “We still have all our fingers and toes,” which is about as complicated as he gets.
He’s a simple guy with a sophisticated position and he leads us well thru the challenges we face as a family-owned and operated tree care service in the Ankeny and Des Moines area.
We are thankful for his watchful eye that gets our crew home safely from each day spent working on tree services we provide. Rather it is tree removal, tree trimming, or tree pruning we appreciate his relentless grit that brings our tree service company to a new level of success and standard of professionalism with each new season.

Denny has been blessed to see his vision for our tree service grow far beyond what he had envisioned when he started this company and he is proud of the work we do. We are a family of arborists and if you ask Denny he would tell you that he is living his version of the American dream. Working and doing life alongside his family while caring for and working to maintain the beauty of trees is very much his dream come true. We are thankful for this TreeHugger at heart and not one of us would want to operate this tree care service without him. 


You are in good hands with our TreeHugger Crew


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