Spring brings out the dreamer in some of us, and I am one of those people.

Spring… It has begun, and with that, I get busy doing all the things in our yard. Dreams of my work, sweat, and callused hands to bring forth new life. Beauty for my pleasure, for my good, for many years to come.

And it rarely ever happens quite like that. Because in the past I’ve had no vision. I dig and plant and plant and dig, often without regard to what the plants, trees, and bushes I am working with need from me. I make my yard all about me, and then I am forced to dig and plant again. 

We have the freedom to dig up and move those annuals and perennials as often as our heart desires. But, the trees we mindlessly plant are not so lucky when it comes to our lack of vision, it can and often does have deadly consequences for them. It’s not cool to remove a tree just because she has been planted in the wrong place. It is also sometimes necessary.

Thus a word of wisdom from this TreeHugger Mama.

When you grab your shovel this spring, have an idea for the mightly tree she will be in the years to come. See her in 20 years from now when she is full of life standing tall in all her glory, secure from all the storms she has weathered and peacefully taking only what she needs yet giving back so much more. Beautiful, for our good and our pleasure.

I speak life when I speak of trees because they are life. They foster, protect, breathe, and give experience to us, and for us. We appreciate them, and we have a heart for them. We hope that we will inspire you to see your tree a little differently, see her for the gift that she is to us and our world. 

Have a vision.  Trees are good


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