Are you in search of expert tree care services that prioritize safety, legality, and ethics? At TreeHugger Complete Tree Care, we are proud to be accredited by both the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), ensuring that we meet the highest standards of professionalism and quality in the industry.



What Does It Mean To Be TCIA Accredited?

Accreditation serves as a powerful tool for consumers to discern reputable tree care companies that prioritize safe, legal, and ethical business practices. Its purpose extends beyond mere recognition, it’s designed to help tree care companies improve themselves and become models of professionalism.

When you engage the services of a TCIA-member tree care company, you gain the assurance of tapping into the latest advancements in tree care practices. Furthermore, you’re shielded by insurance coverage and bonding that safeguards your valuable assets. To reinforce this trust, inquire about additional professional affiliations, such as membership in the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

Leverage the wisdom of your community by seeking recommendations from neighbors, friends, and business associates who’ve experienced the merits of professional tree care. For a comprehensive overview of local companies, consult the Better Business Bureau. During your assessment, consider crucial factors like the company’s tenure, affiliations, licenses, and certifications. Additionally, verify if your local municipality necessitates arborist licensing—a prevalent requirement in many areas.

Another avenue worth exploring is hiring a TCIA Accredited company. TCIA Accreditation is a voluntary initiative that endorses companies meeting stringent benchmarks encompassing professionalism, employee training, adherence to state and federal safety regulations, ethical business conduct, and client contentment. This process entails an in-depth evaluation and comprehensive audit of professional and business practices, ultimately aimed at safeguarding you, the consumer.

TCIA Accreditation stands unparalleled as the sole program in America that addresses business practices and compliance within the tree care sector. Accredited companies undergo meticulous scrutiny and are obligated to provide verifiable evidence across multiple domains, all with the aim of ensuring your protection and satisfaction.

Why Choose an Accredited Tree Care Company?

When you choose a tree care company with BBB and TCIA accreditation, you’re making a smart choice for your property and the environment. Our accreditation signifies that we adhere to rigorous standards, possess proper insurance coverage, hold necessary business licenses, and deliver reliable and ethical customer service. Make an informed decision – choose a company with the TCIA Accreditation “seal of approval.”

We Cut Because We Care

Experience the Benefits of TCIA Accreditation

The TCIA Accreditation process has helped to separate us, to grow us, and help us build the business we dreamed of and that matters for us, our crew, our company, and the communities we serve. TCIA offered us a roadmap to safety policies, business practices, and training programs that would propel us to a level we wouldn’t have reached with only the work of our hands. Our company is proud to be one of only two Tree Care Industry Accredited Tree Companies in Iowa.
Dawna Deakins – Owner / Office Operations

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It. Our satisfied customers share their experiences:

Couldn’t be happier with the quality of work provided by the TreeHugger crew and the overall customer service from the office to estimators to crew! Trees look so much better…..and healthier! Would definitely recommend.

I can’t say enough good things about TreeHugger tree service. They did a fabulous job removing a dead tree and trimming two overgrown trees. They cleaned everything up thoroughly. And they referred me to a tree doctor for a sick tree. I will definitely hire them again.

Great business and employees! High quality job done by the team sent out to do my trees. Very responsive to any calls and questions! Will definitely use them again for any future tree trimming and removal.

They are to be commended. It took a lot of skill and planning to remove a large Ash tree in my small fenced in backyard. A crane was used to reach over the house to cut and remove large limbs and trunk. Everything was deposited on the protected driveway to be cut and shredded. The cleanup was thorough and debris cleared away. It was the same for the maple tree out front. They did a fantastic job and would highly recommend TreeHugger to anyone.

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Make the Right Choice for Your Trees and Property

At TreeHugger Tree Care, we stand ready to provide you with exceptional tree care services that enhance the health and beauty of your landscape. As an accredited company with a focus on safety, professionalism, and customer satisfaction, we invite you to experience the TreeHugger difference.

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